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Weight 33 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 22 in

Sublimation Oven – iSmart


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An oven specially designed for personalisation using sublimation printing. Can sublimate small and medium-sized objects with different shapes, even irregular ones, that can withstand up to 230 ºC.

Compact size with a large cavity inside, enough to print up to 6 mugs 11oz at once.
With 6 heating tubes and a fan that distributes heat evenly, ensuring a better printing quality.
Includes two metal trays to insert the objects in the oven.

Instructions for the use of the iSmart sublimation oven (40 L)


Start/Stop: press to turn the oven ON or OFF.
Upper tube: press to turn ON the upper heating tubes.
Lower tube: press to turn ON the lower heating tubes.
Low temp/Dry: press to turn ON the low-temperature heating mode.
Hot air: press to turn ON or OFF the flow of hot air inside.
Light: press to turn the oven light ON or OFF.
To set the temperature and printing time, the “Upper/Lower tube” and “Start/Stop” buttons must