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Weight 0.625 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 in

3G Jet Opaque – Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper


200 in stock

50° 30 Seconds Heavy Pressure Cold Peel
Make sure to select the proper media settings from the printer driver found on your computer.
We recommend using Standard paper type setting and High Photo Quality or similar printing speed.
Check your printer manual for your specifc printer’s settings and do a test print to see if you need to
make any adjustments.
Print image on the paper with the correct orientation on the blank, white side of the paper. Do not mirror
the image.
Cut and Peel
This is a necessary step for all Inkjet Opaque papers for dark fabrics.
1. Cut along the edge of the design without leaving a margin. Leaving a margin around the image
will result in a white border around the image.
2. After cutting, remove excess background material if needed.
3. Use a vinyl weeding tool or Xacto blade to gently separate an edge of the design from the carrier backing and peel the rest of the design by hand like a sticker.